Webnode CZ s.r.o.

Who are we? We are a software company, originally from Brno, with an awesome product – a website builder that fundamentally changed the way sites, blogs and online stores are made and that has already helped more than 40 million users all around the world.

Who are we not? We are not a corporation. Although there are over 120 of us, including 63 customer care agents and marketing specialists, we can still fit into one building where all the decisions are made. Working with us, you will always know what is happening and why. We don’t like to jump from project to project as quickly as possible at the expense of quality - that is not our style. To put it short, everyone can always concentrate on their tasks and we guarantee enough time for it. We can do so in a great environment – there are several relaxation zones, kitchens, and terraces in our offices, where you can discuss sports, beer, or any other diversion with your colleagues all the way from Brazil to Sweden without disturbing anyone else.

We will be happy if you keep sharpening your skill set. Your ability to learn is important to us and it doesn't always have to be connected to your current job. If you fancy a deep diver course for instance, we will cover half of its cost.